Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Insane Quilt Project

So I've wanted to make a quilt for like EVER! I really like love the look of the Jean Quilts and the way they fray! 
So here my journey begins!
So far I've used 2 Pairs of my Jeans, 2 Pairs of little girls jeans (only jeans I've been able to find garage sale-ing) and an old Hurley hoodie that actually used to be my sister's friend's hoodie. Haha.
(These aren't all the squares I got from said jeans)
For the back squares I used my very favorite sheet! 
Is she flippin crazy?!?!
 I never use the top sheet on our bed! I never liked it as a little kid and so all our top sheets get to get upcycled!
But yes, I am a LITTLE crazy!
 Umm Ooops I think I made a bit of a mess
Skeeter says he's tired from watching me destroy denim!
 Making a mess is hard work ~mom~ lol
 OMGosh! First Row all Sewed up!
 THREE rows Sewed!
The very first 5 Rows to my Jean Quilt! 
They will actually end up being the middle rows of my quilt!
I'm so excited to see the finished product!!!

GO ME GO!!!!!!!!!

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