Friday, 22 June 2012

Paw/Hand/Foot Prints Keepsake Tutorial DIY

Paw Prints in "cement"!
So I've wanted to do this for a while now...I was actually going to do it in cement (maybe I still will) but this is perfect for now! 

1 cup Flour
1 cup Salt
Approx up to 1 cup Water

Kneed the dough (a lot) 
If it's too sticky, add a little more Flour
If it's too dry, add a little more water

200 degrees for 4 hours! 0.o
Needs to dry slowly! 
Make sure you check it from time to time!

This Recipe should make 2 Prints (Baby or the pet variety)

I separated the dough into 2 varied sized dough balls
 (haha should be a Pillsbury Dough Boy joke in there somewhere)
I sprinkled Flour into 2 appropriate sized bowls (the tutorial that I read did NOT tell me to do this, and I did not think to, I ended up scraping one of my fave bowls to get the damn dough out, so thanks for that)
Pressed it into the bottoms till I got the shape/thickness I wanted.
Turn the Bowl Upside Down
A perfect Print Canvas!
If you don't get the print you wanted the first time try try again!

So at first I put the big one on a cookie sheet (with flour on it)
Put it on the floor for Diesel to put his foot in
For some dumb ass reason he was SCARED of the cookie sheet! lol
He's totally not a wussy dog either. So I laughed at him and found a plate. Which he was still a tad sketched out about. lol loser
Skeet's turn....
He's scared too! OMG MEN! It's just dough, DOUGH HEADS!
He's lookin' at me like it's the worst part of a trip to the vets!
TA DA!!!
Oh Side Note: If you are going to do Doggy paw prints make sure to be careful you don't get their claws in the dough, it doesn't look as nice!
OH! I almost forgot!
I mixed Brown Acrylic Paint with quite a bit of water...Made sure I got in the paw prints really good and wiped off all the paint surrounding the prints.

And here are my victims lovely participants!


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