Friday, 29 June 2012

Latest Faerie / Fairy Villages

Faerie / Fairy Villages made out of Creamers 
(Please see previous blog with Faerie / Fairy Tea Cups) 
I was on a hunt for more Tea Cups! Oh Value Village how you've let me down! As I was saddened by the lack of cute Tea Cups with matching Saucers I found these adorable creamers! 
(I know the last one isn't a Creamer but it's still cute!)

Each Village has it's own unique little personality and much more detail then a camera could ever pick up! 
What kind of Faeries/Fairies will move into each little Cottage?!
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A little Faerie/Fairy Story
Invite faerie and Fae Folk to make your home their permanent residence with a Faerie  Village! Faeries are quietly working their magic around us all the time. Staying mostly hidden when visiting our realm. Encourage your Faerie travelers to rest their tired wings and stay for good with these welcoming Faerie Cottages! If they visit you the belief is that you will be blessed with luck and happiness and maybe a little help around the house or garden as well!!! Expect the unexpected at all times! BELIEVE! ♥

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